¡Sí, Yo Puedo Controlar Mi Diabetes!


Do you have Type 2 Diabetes and do you want to be healthier?

¡Sí, Yo Puedo Controlar Mí Diabetes! (Sí, Yo Puedo) is a 6-week diabetes self-management program for Spanish-speaking adults with type 2 diabetes and over the age of 18. The aim of this research-based program is to educate, empower and equip participants to better control their diabetes using a real-world practical approach. Classes are offered weekly for two hours in community settings such as churches and clinics. Sí, Yo Puedo is taught by trained class leaders.

You will learn:

  • to develop diabetes self-care skills,
  • to improve eating habits and maintain good nutrition,
  • to increase physical activity,
  • to prevent diabetes complications, and
  • to improve your quality of life living with type 2 diabetes.

Topics for Sí, Yo Puedo include:

  • Orientation
  • Week 1: What is diabetes?
  • Week 2: Checking your blood glucose levels
  • Week 3: Eat healthy with diabetes
  • Week 4: Be active with diabetes
  • Week 5: Medicines and diabetes
  • Week 6: Preventing diabetes problems